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a personal touch and the Kampong spirit

Over the weekend Louis Ng,  Dr Uma (both from ACRES) and I attended to macaque related calls from residents of Punggol 17th Avenue.

Punggol 17th

I was apprehensive about trying to reason with these residents, i’ve had my fair share of unreasonable Bukit Timah residents, and these Punggol residents aren’t even those who chose to live near a nature reserve. I prepared myself for the worst, but it turned out more pleasant than expected…
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conversation with a resident went something like this…

Resident: look that one got baby! quite cute ah. [takes pictures]

Me: Yea! Actually she just gave birth this morning, you can still see the umbilical cord. That’s actually her first baby too..

Resident: Wah how you know!

Me: Oh we’ve been studying this group for a few years now so we know each individual and have names for all of them..

Resident: You do this like a volunteer?

Me: Something like that.. actually i’m doing my PhD on macaques

Resident: [cuts in] Huh what macaques?

Me: These are macaques!

Resident: You mean the monkey’s name?

Me: The species of monkey.. these are long-tailed macaques..

We definitely need to step up education and awareness raising efforts!

Illegal trapping and unethical practices by AVA contractors

On the 16th of July 2013, I encountered AVA-contracted trappers attempting to trap illegally on Nparks land, and unethically in the surrounds of the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve:


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