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Sharing a birthday with the Royal Baby

The Royal Baby wasn’t the only one born on the 22nd of July 2013. Laney, a young female from the Hindhede group of macaques gave birth to her first born!

She seemed unsure of what to do with the umbilical cord (still attached!), which isn’t surprising since this is her first child.

I haven’t seen enough births to know how more experienced mums deal with post-birth stuff. Macaques usually have their babies before sunrise, so it’s almost impossible to witness.

First time mums often abandon their babies or fail to take care of them appropriately (think of human teen pregnancies), resulting in a high mortality rate for these first-borns.

Here’s wishing this little one the best of luck. I will name it as soon as I figure out if its a boy or girl. It’s name will start with L, same as its mummy.